Trees and a small Hill - Natural Scenes

A small hill nearby our place. It is formed out of hard red
rock. In the foreground are tapioca plants. It's roots are
used for making chips, starch and pearls(small balls).

Palm trees, banana trees(at the bottom) and a drumstick
tree(in the right side).

A giant sized tree. It dwarfed the tall palm tree nearby.

The same tree in the evening.

Banana Trees.

(These Photos of natural scenes are taken in South India.)

About Tapioca plant- link- Wikipedia.


  1. These are beautiful shots. The tropical weather looks good to me having been in a snowy climate for months. The second tree is back lite so it show truly it's size. Very nice photos.

  2. Interesting to learn about the tapioca plants and see the different heights of the trees in your area. I didn't realize banana trees were so much shorter than palms.

  3. I love looking at the green scenery to soothe my eyes.

    Lovely captures!
    Thank you for sharing.