Birds in our neighborhood. Part - 3

Panang Kaadai.
Panang Kaadai..(unsure about the name). After many
months, I have recently spotted these birds near our area.

Panang Kaadai.
Panang Kaadai.(unsure about the name). Their colorful
wings looks beautiful, while they are flying.

Mina Bird.
Mina Bird. Mina belongs to sterling family. It makes
different types of sounds.

Mina Bird.
Mina Bird.
About Mina Bird- Link -Wikipedia.

Jungle Babblers.
Jungle Babblers.

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sources for accurate information.)

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Water and Iron Designs

Designs formed on the water
Designs formed on the water surface. The water is flowing
to the fields.

Water and a child's feet
Water and a child's feet. Playing in the shallow, running
water gives the children great pleasure.

The landscape, after the water has gone.

Iron particles
The children collects the iron from the soil, using magnets
and play with them.

Iron particles
The iron particles stand like trees, because of magnetic


Watercolor Painting - Tigress and Cub.

Tigress and Cub
Tigress and Cub. Watercolor Painting with some digital

Tiger reserves - Link- Wikipedia.
About Tiger - Link- iloveindia.com