Birds on the wires! - Photo animations and photos

Birds in our neighborhood.

Wag tail bird
Wag tail bird. Photo Animation. To see the animation
click the image.
These black and white birds, as their name suggests, have
an interesting habit of wagging their tails up and down.
They came from Siberia in winter time.

Wag tail bird.
Wag tail bird. This bird looks like penguins without it's tail!
About Wagtail- Link -Wikipedia.

Jungle Babblers.
Jungle Babblers. Photo Animation. To see the animation
click the image.
These brownish gray colored birds, visit our home in the
morning and in the evening, with loud noise. They come
in groups and make loud sounds frequently. They are
medium sized. They are not shy of us. These noisy birds
have an amusing habit of raising their wings and tails,
whenever they make sounds.

Jungle Babblers.
Jungle Babblers. Photo.
About Jungle Babblers.- Link-Wikipedia.

Small black birds.
Small black birds.

Birds in India Series.


  1. You have amusing birds in your area. I enjoyed all of your images and photo animations.

  2. What a neat bird! It is interesting that it wag it's tail. It is a pretty bird.

  3. I love the animation, it really does wag it tail. Great photos Arasu, I really enjoyed learning about these birds.

  4. Cute and lovely in the wires and the blue skies.
    Beautiful captures.