Kolam Designs(Rangoli) during Pongal Festival

During the pongal festival, the front

side of the houses were decorated with kolam

designs (Rangoli).

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Solar Eclipse and shadows - 2010 - India

Solar Eclipse - India.
Here the solar eclipse occurred at midday. At
that time it looks like evening and the light was
soft and cool. This is the longest annular solar
eclipse of the millennium.

Solar Eclipse-15-1-2010.
Solar Eclipse-15-1-2010.
I have used filter to reduce the light.Near the sun there
was some clouds, at some times hid the sun.

Solar Eclipse-15-1-2010.
Solar Eclipse-15-1-2010.

Shadows of a tree during the eclipse
Shadows of a tree during the eclipse. It looked different
from the normal shadows. The small light areas between
the shadows have curved shapes! (See the image at the
bottom for the normal shadow)

Shadows of a tree during the eclipse
Shadows of a tree during the eclipse.

Normal Shadow
Normal Shadow.

Solar Eclipse - 2010 - Link - Wikipedia


Plumeria Tree and Flowers

Plumeria plant's other names - Frangipani, Temple
plant. Types of flowers - Yellow and pink. The flowers
have a pleasant smell. Unlike other plants here, it sheds
the leaves in winter. In summer it has full of leaves and
gives shade.For more details about the plant see the links
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Plumeria flower
Plumeria flower. This flower is not fully open.

Plumeria  Tree
Plumeria Tree
Plumeria trees are propagated by small cuttings
and they are easy to grow. Remove most of the
leaves before planting the cuttings. Keep the soil
wet till they grow well. They are susceptible to
mealy bugs.

Plumeria  Tree
Plumeria plant after the rain.

Plumeria Flowers.
Plumeria Flowers. They are sweet smelling.
To see pink plumeria flowers- Wikipedia (External Link)

plumeria tree branches
plumeria tree branches.

plumeria plant
Plumeria tree - Top view.

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