Village Scenes

Villages have fresh air, less noise and green all
around us.
They have a calming effect on us.
when we are stressed out, a
visit to the village side
make us refreshed.
These Photos are taken from
Indian village side.

Yellow colored flowers
Yellow colored flowers near the coconut tree.

Jasmine Bush.
Jasmine Bush.

Coconut trees.
Coconut trees.

These plants are used as feed for the cattle.

Sheep grazing.
Sheep grazing.

(These photos are taken from South India.)


The Eco Friendly Clock From The Past

This is a 50 years (approximate) old photo of
a clock. The description of the photo says,
it runs by the air; Winding , batteries
or electricity are not necessary for this clock.
It works using the temperature change and the
barometric pressure.

It's name is Atmos.I have never seen a clock
like this and don't know about this type
of clocks.

Have anyone seen a clock like this?

Wikipedia Link

Money Plant - (With Animation)

Please Click the images to see a simple animation.
I have tried to show some depth by providing simple animation
of the Money Plant.

animation Money Plant
Money plant's leaves becomes bigger, when they grow higher on
a tree. Money plants are generally resistant to pests. They are
resistant to mealy bugs. They are propagated by cuttings.

animation Money Plant
Another animation of moving
of money plant.(size-320x240)
Click the Image.
This photo was taken in a dry season. So
it looks not so green as the first one!

money plant leaf
Color changing money plant leaf- (size-470x365)

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Money Plant - Yellow leaf


Some weed plants!

Even some ordinary weed plants have interesting

Conversations - Talk, Talk........

Scenario: Someone talks to his friend. He talks and talks without interruption. He continues to speak, as though he is recording his speech for writing a book. The other person seems to be somewhat uneasy and uninterested.But our friend continues his talking. Thoughts: We want others have interest in what we are talking about and get satisfaction from the conversation. To get this result, we should consider the following points. In conversations it's important to give time to express the other persons thoughts about this subject. We may ask some questions; Ask for his opinions. When the other person try to speak, we should listen carefully. We should consider others view points. Also when we try to explain something, we should make them as clear as possible. Instead of blaming others for not understanding, we may try to think about ways to explain them clearly. By making ourselves clear and also understand the others well, help us to avoid misunderstandings and problems. when we are in a haste or when our emotions runs high, there is a greater possibility of misunderstandings. If the mater is important one, we should take extra care to know if the other persons understand the matter clearly. Thoughts - When we are in the Grip of Emotions


Cloudscape - Digital Modification

The reflection of the sky was added by me.
Evening Sky.


Green and Yellow

We have a money plant in our home. One of the
green leaves turned into yellow. I thought that it
some beauty in it. so I have captured it.