3D Art - Towards The Stars - And A Cactus Plant

From my childhood, I have interest in space voyage
science fiction. The next great step for the
humankind is to
go to the stars. I hope that the
future has grate possibilities. So I have created
this 3D work.

Spaceship to the stars
Spaceship to the stars. 3D Art.

Cactus Plant
Cactus Plant. (This cactus is based on a small plant.
This model does not looks exactly like a real plant. Just a
Real Cactus Plant Photos
It remind us of " Try to grow and bloom were you
are instead of blaming our circumstances." 


The Shadow Land - Shadow Designs.

Shadow designs on the wall !
(They look better in a dark room)

Shadow designs
Shadow of a lamp.

Shadow designs

Shadow designs

Shadow designs

Shadow designs

Shadow designs

Shadow designs

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Deepavali Festival - Some Photos and a Painting - (Diwali)

Deepavali Festival (Diwali)

Deepavali is the festival of lights. It is associated
with fireworks. Here I have presented some
photos of our celebration.(Click the Images
for a good view)

(Click for a larger View)
Deepavali Festival fireworks
The Fire Flower.

Deepavali Festival fireworks
Just Before The Full Round!

Deepavali Painting - Watercolor and Digital
Deepavali Painting - Watercolor and Digital.

(For deepavali drawings, see the links(External) below.)

Deepavali Festival fireworks
The Fire Work With Legs!

Deepavali Festival fireworks
The Fire Letter 'U'. 'U' are Welcome.

Deepavali Festival fireworks
This Is My 9th Fire Work.

Deepavali Festival fireworks
The Power Of Fire!

Deepavali Festival Celebration - Sweets
Some Sweets To Celebrate The Deepavali.

Deepavali Festival Celebration - Fire Works
Some Fire Works To Fire.

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Links - (External)
1. Deepavali Drawings(For Kids) - Link- activityvillage.co.uk
2. Deepavali Drawing - Link- catscanman.net


Some Village Scenes - Part-2

Some Peaceful Village Scenes

Village Scenes
The small lone tree in the foreground is neem tree.
It's oil
is used as pesticide. It's leaves have bitter
taste. The plants
in the field are used for feeding
the cattle.

Village Scenes
Groundnut field with fog.

Village Scenes Coconut Trees
Coconut Trees. Coconuts are used in our food
preparations. We use the oil for our hair.

Village Scenes
In the center is the palm tree. It gives some type
of sugar.
It is not widely used.

Village Scenes Corn field
Corn field.


Painting - Flower and Butterfly - In Two Styles - Watercolor

Nature Paintings.

Butterflies and flowers are the nature's colorful
beautiful creations.
Here I have presented Paintings of a butterfly and
flower in two different
Watercolor paintings with some digital

butterfly and flowerWatercolor paintings

butterfly and flowerWatercolor paintings

More Paintings:

1. Swan and a Bird- Watercolor Paintings.

2. Beauty and the Beast - Watercolor Painting.


Deepavali Festival Is Coming!

Deepavali festival is coming soon. It is associated
fireworks.I have posted some photos taken
during the
previous years celebration. I will post
more photos
after this festival.(17-10-09)

Fire woks during Deepavali.

After the fireworks!
To see new Deepavali photos and a drawing click here!


Some Small Flowers Around My House

Some small flowers around my house.

These plants are used as vegetables.

Maruthani plant. It's flowers have fragrance.
The grind
paste of the leaves is used for
decorating the hands.

To see the hands decorated with maruthani,
click here.

Kanagambaram Flowers. These are used for
the hair(women).