Tasty Fruits.

Custard Apple. Even though this fruit has many big seeds,
it has a sweet and good taste. The fruits have green color
when they are ripe. The skins of the ripe and the unripe
fruits have the same green color.

Suppota (Chickoo). The fruit and the skin have the same
brown color. The variety we have in our home is different
from the usual variety available from the market. They
(available from the market) have a smooth skin.Our fruits
have a good sweet taste.

Plums. This fruits come to our place from the mountain
regions. Now they are getting rarer here.

kovai (koovai) Fruits. These fruits are not consumed by
many. They are not cultivated but grow like a weed plant.
This plant is a vine. They don't have a sweet and good
taste. They grow near our house.
Fruits in India.


  1. I have only heard of plums, but all the others are new to me.

  2. Fruit in beautiful shapes and colors. It is interesting to see what grows in your area.

  3. All these fruits are so different from each other and tastes very good. I just love them.

  4. These are very interesting! It is sad when the ones we have living right in our yards don't taste too good. I have a native cherry in my yard that just tastes like $#%^&...and a huge Sapodilla tree that fruit just falls out of, but it is like a very grainy pear with a diffrent taste that is not pleasant to me. These two just make me sad.

  5. All looks succent.
    Custard apple is one of my favorite fruit.
    It grows here and its in season during summer.
    Beautiful photos!

  6. First two are the fruits i always eat !! Very tasty !!

  7. I love custard apple and chickoo. I'm not familiar with the last one, but it has a nice shape and colour.