Birds in our neighborhood -(Birds- Part-2)

Black Drongo
Black Drongo. Photo Animation. Click the image to
see the animation.
These black colored birds are small in size. I have
seen them drive away even bigger birds, to defend
their territory.

Video of Black Drongo's song.

Flying Black Drongo in slow motion.

Black Drongo
Photo of a Black Drongo.

About Black Drongo -Link -Wikipedia.

Bulbul Bird
Bulbul Bird. These birds are small sized. They are
difficult to photograph. They have red color under the
tail.(see the last photo.)

Bulbul Bird
Bulbul Bird.

Bulbul Bird
Bulbul Bird.

Birds in India series. Part-2.
Birds in India series. Part - 1

1.About Bulbul Bird(It's nearest type)- Link- Wikipedia.
2.Birds in Arizona - Link-


  1. I really like the jagged inside of the tail feathers. It is an interesting bird.

  2. Lovely birds and skies. Its nice to look up.
    Great shots..

  3. Very nice images and videos. I like the Black Drongo's distinctive tail feathers and song and the Bulbul Bird's red markings.