Thoughts - I Know It Already!

When reading something or hearing something, we may think that we have already know this thing. There is a big difference between knowing something and knowing it deeply. Knowing deeply means the impression is recorded strongly in our mind. It makes the difference between enough action or no action, based on that knowledge. We may read about many important things, but the impression faded out from our mind, after some time. So we should think about them again and again. We maintain a note book or diary to note down important things and look at them periodically. Take notes of this and don't forget this!

Thoughts - About Balance in our Life



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Thoughts - About Balance In Our Life.

There are many parts in our life. We should give enough attention to different aspects of our life. If we ignore something important and only give importance to what we are interested at the moment, then we get dissatisfied with our life in the long run. We should give more importance to the higher qualities of our mind. Science and technology should help us to go where we want. They are only tools that help us. I think that now our mind in general and philosophy are not developed as much as our achievements in science and technology. We should give importance to the good qualities of mind like fairness, sympathy, friendliness, sense of beauty and wonder, spiritual development etc. jg7zu4mwbh Thoughts - Do Something Before ......



...continued from the previous post! List of some things which required enough preliminary knowledge: Friends pressure, T.V Watching, Impulse Control, Drug Use, Anger Management, Emotional Management, Thinking, Interpersonal Relationships, Internet Safety, About older Values, Work, Joyful Activities, Drinking, etc.