Painting - A girl from my imagination

This drawing was made before many years .
I did this from my imagination without
using any person as model.

Painting - Girl - Water color.


Do Something before.....

We and our children required some preliminary information and guidance on many social and personal situations. On the spot or individual thinking is not enough and our mind is not quick enough to deal with the many different everyday situations. We should give more importance to these matters.

Some of My Older paintings

Water Color paintings

Our old Dog
Our old Dog.(Tiger - It had strips like a
tiger. I saw only one other Dog like this!)

Mountain and River
Mountain and River at Night
My Children's Drawings

Links To Some Interesting And Useful Web Sites.

Links To Some Interesting And Useful Web Sites.


1. Discover Magazine
Science Articles from past to present in simple
2. Popular Science
3. National Geographic-Science
4. Science Daily
--- -----------------------------------------------------------


1. Medicinenet

2. Webmd
3. Helpguide
4. KidsHealth

Internet Safety

1. - Basics and safety
2. - Internet safety
3. - Teen safety
4. - Online safety
5. - Family safety



Endowing and connecting teachers, administrators, and
parents with innovative solutions and resources to better


1. National Geographic
Contains Articles about environment, science etc.
kids section.

2. Moillusions
This blog contains lots of illusions.

About many places around the World. Travel.

4. Pics4learning
Contains many Pictures related to learning.

Author of Emotional Intelligence Book.
Contains Psychology Articles and articles about



1. The Hunger site
2. sos-childrens villages


Some Photos of Clouds Taken by Me:


Expanding our Mind -----------------------------

     After a long time in human history, We have come to an important stage in our development. Science and Technology have developed much in a short period of time. But do we use them effectively? Now, there are vast amount of information exists in books, magazines, newspapers, television, internet etc. which are easily available. We have get enough knowledge in our work related areas. But we don't have an overall , wider knowledge of our World. Our interests are narrowed down to a few things and we missed much. It's not necessary and not possible to obtain detailed knowledge in every field. But an overall, wider knowledge expands our mind. So put all the ingredients correctly and get a better mind and life.


1. Plants, Flowers and Natural Scenes.
(Click the Images and text links.)
Flowers - (For many images- click here)
Nature - (For many images- click here)

1. Flowers - (Plumeria and Pomegranate)
2. Pomegranate Flowers - ( Filters Used)
3. Flower Buds
4. Ixora Flowers
5. Money Plant - (With Animation)

6. Some weed plants!
7. Green and Yellow
8. Flowers - Ixora, Lantana
9. Flowers and Plants - Plumeria Plant, Ixora,
Pomegranate and Jasmine
10. Some Small Flowers Around My House

11. Rain Water Drops Watch!
12. Plumeria Tree and Flowers
13. Trees and a small Hill - Natural Scenes
14. Tasty Fruits.
15. Cactus and succulent plants near our area
16. Succulent Plants.

17. Water and Iron Designs
18. Beautiful Cloud Formations.
19. Village Scenes
20. Some Village Scenes - Part-2

21. Fragrant Rose Flowers
22. Nature's Structures and Textures!
23. Flowers - Ixora and plumeria flowers
24. Designs, patterns and forms
25. Village Scenes - Palm trees near the village

2. Paintings - Watercolor.
(Click the Images and the text links.)
Paintings (For many Images- Click here)

1. Some of My Older Paintings
2. Nature, Design, Fiction
3. Bird and Nature - Watercolor and Digital
4. Flower and Butterfly - In Two Styles
5. Swan ; A colorful bird on an old tree

6. Squirrel on a Tree
7. Beauty and the Beast - Sea anemone
8. Tigress and Cub.

3. 3D Art
Click the Images.
3D Art (For many Images- Click Here)

Village Scenes

1. Village Scenes
2. Some Village Scenes - Part-2

4. Birds
Birds - (For many images- click here)
1.Birds on the wires! - Photo animations
and photos
2. Birds in our neighborhood
3. Birds in our neighborhood. Part - 3
4. Birds in our neighborhood - Part -4 - Small birds

5. Animations

1.Birds on the wires! - Photo animations
and photos
2. Birds in our neighborhood
3. Money Plant - (With Animations)

6. Insects

1. Insects in the House! - Butterflies and Moths
2. Insects in the house! Part-2. Moths and other insects.
3. Strange looking Insects.

7. Travel Photos

1.Travel Photos - Tiruchengode Hill
2.Photos taken with an old camera

8. Leaf and Flower designs
Click the links

1. Designs - Leaf Designs
2. Design - Flower and Leaf Design
3. Flowers and Leaves Designs - Part-2
4. Drawings with designs!

9. Just for Fun

1. Drawings - Just For Fun!
2. Part-2 - Cartoon Drawings
3. Part-3 - My Vegetable Friends!
4. Part-4 - Drawings With Letters!
5. Part - 5 - Modified photos.

10. Others

2. photos - Reflection (Waves-Filter)
3. Designs on the Hands
4. The Eco Friendly Clock From The Past
5. Cloudscape - Digital Modification
6. The Inside of a Clock
7. Solar Eclipse and shadows - 2010 - India
8. Beautiful Ceramic Works!
9.Clay Horse and other craftworks.

11. Thoughts

1. Thoughts To Expand our Mind
2. Thoughts
3. Thoughts - About Balance In Our Life.
4. Thoughts - When we are in the Grip of Emotions
5. Thoughts - I Know It Already!
6. Conversations - Talk, Talk........

12. Shadows

The Shadow Land - Shadow Designs.

13. Festivals

1. Deepavali Festival Is Coming!
2. Deepavali Festival - Some Photos and a Drawing
- (Diwali)
3. Kolam Designs(Rangoli) during Pongal Festival
4. Festival of Chariots.