Perfect Camouflage - Mantis Insects

This Mantis insect is difficult to see, because of it's
perfectly matching texture. See the image below to see this
insect clearly.

Grey color mantis on a succulent plant.

Green color mantis. Because of it's green color, it blends
well with the background. Because of it's posture, they
are also called as Praying Mantis.

Brown color mantis.

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Small And Very Small Flowers!

There are a large number of photos about big and mediun sized flowers in the internet.
So I decided to present some small and less photographed flowers!

Small Caltrops flower.Small Caltrops flower.

blue color flower.A small blue color flower.

Holy basil flowers.Holy basil flowers.

White color flowers.White color flowers. These flowers are very small.

white colored flowers.Some white colored flowers. We use this plant during the festival.

Violet color flower.Violet color flower.

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