Travel Photos - Tiruchengode Hill

Some time ago we and our relatives went toTiruchengode.There is a hill in Tiruchengode. Arthanareeswarar Temple
is situated on top of that Hill. It is an ancient temple.This
place is situated 18 Kms from Erode and 32 Kms from
Namakkal. ( South India).
It's ancient name - Thirukodimaadachenkunrur.
Inscriptions are found here from the times of kings Parantaka
Chola, Gangaikonda Chola etc. Here I presented some
photos of that place.
(Please CLICK the images for a enlarged and
sharp view.)

Tiruchengode Hill.

This road take us to the top of the Hill . There are
steps to take us to the top (1200 steps).

Tiruchengode Hill. The trees on the ground level are
Mango trees.

Arumuga Swamy Temple.

Arumuga Swamy Temple.

A view from Tiruchengode Hill.

A view from Tiruchengode Hill.

Naagar Pallam.

A view from Naagar Pallam.

Arthanareeswarar Temple on the hill.

Arthanareeswarar Temple.

Top of the hill.

A view of the Tiruchengode from the top of the Hill.

Arthanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode - youtube video

Road to the temple. - youtube video

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