Birds in our neighborhood -(Birds- Part-2)

Black Drongo
Black Drongo. Photo Animation. Click the image to
see the animation.
These black colored birds are small in size. I have
seen them drive away even bigger birds, to defend
their territory.

Video of Black Drongo's song.

Flying Black Drongo in slow motion.

Black Drongo
Photo of a Black Drongo.

About Black Drongo -Link -Wikipedia.

Bulbul Bird
Bulbul Bird. These birds are small sized. They are
difficult to photograph. They have red color under the
tail.(see the last photo.)

Bulbul Bird
Bulbul Bird.

Bulbul Bird
Bulbul Bird.

Birds in India series. Part-2.
Birds in India series. Part - 1

1.About Bulbul Bird(It's nearest type)- Link- Wikipedia.
2.Birds in Arizona - Link-


Tasty Fruits.

Custard Apple. Even though this fruit has many big seeds,
it has a sweet and good taste. The fruits have green color
when they are ripe. The skins of the ripe and the unripe
fruits have the same green color.

Suppota (Chickoo). The fruit and the skin have the same
brown color. The variety we have in our home is different
from the usual variety available from the market. They
(available from the market) have a smooth skin.Our fruits
have a good sweet taste.

Plums. This fruits come to our place from the mountain
regions. Now they are getting rarer here.

kovai (koovai) Fruits. These fruits are not consumed by
many. They are not cultivated but grow like a weed plant.
This plant is a vine. They don't have a sweet and good
taste. They grow near our house.
Fruits in India.


Birds on the wires! - Photo animations and photos

Birds in our neighborhood.

Wag tail bird
Wag tail bird. Photo Animation. To see the animation
click the image.
These black and white birds, as their name suggests, have
an interesting habit of wagging their tails up and down.
They came from Siberia in winter time.

Wag tail bird.
Wag tail bird. This bird looks like penguins without it's tail!
About Wagtail- Link -Wikipedia.

Jungle Babblers.
Jungle Babblers. Photo Animation. To see the animation
click the image.
These brownish gray colored birds, visit our home in the
morning and in the evening, with loud noise. They come
in groups and make loud sounds frequently. They are
medium sized. They are not shy of us. These noisy birds
have an amusing habit of raising their wings and tails,
whenever they make sounds.

Jungle Babblers.
Jungle Babblers. Photo.
About Jungle Babblers.- Link-Wikipedia.

Small black birds.
Small black birds.

Birds in India Series.


Trees and a small Hill - Natural Scenes

A small hill nearby our place. It is formed out of hard red
rock. In the foreground are tapioca plants. It's roots are
used for making chips, starch and pearls(small balls).

Palm trees, banana trees(at the bottom) and a drumstick
tree(in the right side).

A giant sized tree. It dwarfed the tall palm tree nearby.

The same tree in the evening.

Banana Trees.

(These Photos of natural scenes are taken in South India.)

About Tapioca plant- link- Wikipedia.