Expanding our Mind
After a long time in human history, We have come to an important stage in our development. Science and Technology have developed much in a short period of time.
But do we use them effectively?
Now, there are vast amount of information exists in books, magazines, newspapers, television, internet etc. which are easily available.
We have get enough knowledge in our work related areas. But we don't have an overall , wider knowledge of our World.Our interests are narrowed down to a few things and we missed much.
It's not necessary and not possible to obtain detailed knowledge in every field. But an overall, wider knowledge expands our mind. So put all the ingredients correctly and get a better mind and life.


  1. Hi,
    You posted on my blog so I wanted to check out yours.I have a question. What role do you see for God in the midst of all this technology and science?

  2. Reply to Tonya's Post

    It's a difficult question. Even though I have think and read about this big question, give me some more time to ponder about this.