Thoughts - When we are in the Grip of Emotions

Scenario: Someones emotions gets higher because of some problem, and he said something worse for a small mistake of his child.

We have many types of emotions. When we are in the grip of emotions, our thinking becomes different from the normal time thinking. At that moment, our minds are clouded by the fogs of emotions and we are not able to see clearly about the situation. Our perceptions and what we do and say are influenced by our emotions much. We may say something worst when the emotions are high.Only after sometime, when the dusts of emotions are settled down, we know the situation clearly and start to regret it.

so a little caution and presence of mind, helps to avoid the suffering felt by ourselves and others. It's also true for the positive emotions. When we are in the high, because of positive emotions, we may fail to notice the negative points of a situation.(Like saying,"I will do anything for you" etc.) By recognizing the problem and analyzing the situation clearly , we can make good decisions.
when we compare the negative emotions as fog, we may compare the the high levels of positive emotions as looking through a colored glass. Both of them may affects our clear vision - clear thinking.

Thoughts - I Know It Already!

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  1. I call it differently. Sensitivities overshadow our sensibilities.
    Most often it a matter of habit of a person, who need to readjust.