Some Village Scenes - Part-2

Some Peaceful Village Scenes

Village Scenes
The small lone tree in the foreground is neem tree.
It's oil
is used as pesticide. It's leaves have bitter
taste. The plants
in the field are used for feeding
the cattle.

Village Scenes
Groundnut field with fog.

Village Scenes Coconut Trees
Coconut Trees. Coconuts are used in our food
preparations. We use the oil for our hair.

Village Scenes
In the center is the palm tree. It gives some type
of sugar.
It is not widely used.

Village Scenes Corn field
Corn field.


  1. Very tropical! You, or at least I, do not expect India to look like that...but you guys can grow all of the tropical plants/trees I see here in south Florida also! How great is that????? :)

  2. Beautiful village scenery. The corn field looks really big, like an ocean of yellow and green.

  3. You have given us a good view of where you live. I like palm trees and you look like the area is always green there. I have not heard of groundnut.

  4. To
    Diane AZ,
    L. D. Burgus,
    Thank you for your comments.
    Here we call the peanut as groundnut.

  5. Such beautiful scenes! Great shots.