Birds in our neighborhood - Part -4 - Small birds

Small birds.

Spotted Munia
A small brown colored bird, sitting near it's home(nest).
The nest is in the top side left corner, behind the leaves.
This tree is near our house.
Spotted Munia, (Identified by Megha Chhatbar)
Other name: Scaly breasted- Munia

Spotted Munia
Small brown colored bird.
Spotted Munia, Other name: Scaly breasted- Munia.

A small black colored bird, sitting on a wire.

Sun Bird.
A small bird. It has black, white and yellow colors. These
birds eat nectar from the flowers.
Sun Bird. (Identified by Megha Chhatbar)

A small black colored bird.

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  1. Beautiful shots. When we these birds in the city it is delight. Wish we could see such birds often in the city.

  2. The name of this bird(small brown colored bird) is Spotted Munia.
    And the other one is Sunbird

  3. Cute little birds.
    Happy weekend.

  4. Sweet little birds!!! Love the brown ones!

  5. Great shots, I enjoy seeing your birds. The spotted brown one is charming and it looks like the black one was singing.