Fragrant Rose Flowers

Rose flowers
Rose flowers from the plant in our house. These red
flowers have nice fragrance. There are over 100 species in
rose plants. The dried petals of a particular type of roses are
used in cooking as a flavoring agent.

Rose flower
Red rose and rose buds.

Rose flower
This rose is from another place.

Rose flower

Rose flower design
The rose flowers turned into designs. I have used filter to
produce this effect.

Rose flower
This rose has wonderful fragrance. This is from another
Tips: We use natural preparations to ward off pests. Take
peppers and few gloves of garlic and grind them with water.
We may add some good quality onion. Leave this solution
for sometime and strain this solution using a cloth. Use this
solution to spray the plants.

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  1. There is nothing like a fragrant beautiful rose!!! These are lovely!

  2. Gorgeous photos and captures.
    Love the pink rose.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful red and pink roses and I like your creative design too!

  4. Beautiful pretty pink roses.