Village Scenes - Palm trees near the village

Palmyra Palm trees.
Palmyra Palm trees.
Palmyra tree's leaves were used in ancient India as a writing

material, like paper. It's young seeds are eatable, tasty, looks
like jelly and contains water in the center. When we were
young, we roasted the fruits and ate them.
Link (External) - Palmyra tree - Wikipedia.

palm trees
Coconut palm trees visible through the two Palmyra trees.

Coconut Trees.
Coconut Trees wit other trees.
We use coconuts in our every day foodpreparation and
drink the coconut water. Coconut chutneyis one of our
Link (External) - Coconut - Wikipedia

Closeup view of a coconut tree
Closeup view of a coconut tree with coconuts.
The brooms made from the dried coconut leaf parts are
used to sweep the outside area of the houses. Some people
grow them near their houses. Unlike Palmyra Trees,
coconut trees require regular watering. Palm trees are
propagated using seeds.

Palm tree.
Palmyra tree. The center of the palm tree somehow
became thinner.

Palmyra Trees.
Palmyra Trees.

Coconut trees and Palmyra trees.
Coconut trees and Palmyra trees.

Coconut flowers (left side) and Palmyra fruits.
Coconut flowers (left side) and Palmyra fruits.

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  1. Very interesting to learn about the many uses for Palmyra Palm and Coconut Palm trees, great photos too!

  2. Many different palm trees - they all remind me of dust brushes! They are growing in profusion around you!

  3. Just now visited your blog. the photos are very nice. especially the coconut trees and the insects. Iam thinking back the childhood days in my native.The very same scene.. we could see plam trees and coconut trees along the road while going to the school. But now this is not so..the population of the trees reduces while the number of building increases. Iam missing my village where I was born.

  4. The tree is grandfather Bhishma's standard,
    Like Hanuman is Arjuna's standard
    Please consider an article in Wikipedia.
    Thanks. jorgie