Conversations - Talk, Talk........

Scenario: Someone talks to his friend. He talks and talks without interruption. He continues to speak, as though he is recording his speech for writing a book. The other person seems to be somewhat uneasy and uninterested.But our friend continues his talking.

We want others have interest in what we are talking about and get satisfaction from the conversation. To get this result, we should consider the following points.

In conversations it's important to give time to express the other persons thoughts about this subject. We may ask some questions; Ask for his opinions. When the other person try to speak, we should listen carefully. We should consider others view points.

Also when we try to explain something, we should make them as clear as possible. Instead of blaming others for not understanding, we may try to think about ways to explain them clearly. By making ourselves clear and also understand the others well, help us to avoid misunderstandings and problems.

when we are in a haste or when our emotions runs high, there is a greater possibility of misunderstandings. If the mater is important one, we should take extra care to know if the other persons understand the matter clearly.

Thoughts - When we are in the Grip of Emotions

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