Thoughts - I Know It Already!

When reading something or hearing something, we may think that we have already know this thing. There is a big difference between knowing something and knowing it deeply. Knowing deeply means the impression is recorded strongly in our mind. It makes the difference between enough action or no action, based on that knowledge.

We may read about many important things, but the impression faded out from our mind, after some time. So we should think about them again and again. We maintain a note book or diary to note down important things and look at them periodically. Take notes of this and don't forget this!

Thoughts - About Balance in our Life


  1. I love to write down the things that are important to me, or things that cause me to think a little deeper about my life and the world around me.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  2. Thanks for your blog visit. I go through phases of writing down important things, and then just letting it all go, to see what really is important by being immersed in the moment. Then I get to learn everything all over again. :-)